The Four Horseman of the Investor's Apocalypse

It's commonly known that there is more to investment and wealth management than what is consistently recycled by advisors and the media, but the way forward still seems shrouded. Robert J. Klosterman, CFP, a wealth advisor with forty years' industry experience, lifts the apocalyptic veil of deception so that investors can fend off the four horsemen — inflation, volatility, groupthink, and global displacements and transformation — attempting to drive them toward financial self-destruction.

Klosterman's book provides the weapons to fight these forces of evil by providing insight, perspective, and innovative strategies for managing high-end money portfolios. Ignoring the market's constant media coverage, this hard-hitting guide focuses on the notion that investing is really about keeping the four horsemen at bay and meeting personal, family, and philanthropic objectives.

Investing is serious business and needs a serious approach that looks beyond the public markets to design relevant portfolios that meet short- and long-term goals in today's rapidly shifting financial world. Using a modern, fresh, and investigative approach, Klosterman delves into the concepts and inner workings of the world of financial advice and reveals exactly how you can battle the enemy and build a successful portfolio.

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The Four Horsement of the Investor's Apocalypse

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Reviews for The Four Horseman of the Investor's Apocalypse

"To preserve wealth over time, writes Klosterman, a certified financial planner, the investor must fight off four evils: "Inflation," "Volatility," "Group Think," and "Global Displacements and Transformations." In a book that is both educational and actionable, he dissects each of these "four horsemen" and discusses how best to ameliorate their negative and potentially apocalyptic effects on an investment portfolio. Klosterman debunks common financial myths, explains how the investment environment has become more dynamic, and makes recommendations for developing what he calls a "high-probability portfolio," with a concentration on valuations, diversification, and rebalancing."

-Kirkus Reviews
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"In easy to understand, brief, to the point chapters, Klosterman relates anecdotes, provides spreadsheets and diagrams, and allows the readers of his helpful informative guidebook access to his four decades of knowledge and experience as a financial planner. While nothing is ever 100 percent guaranteed, Klosterman's book is a good reference to raise awareness in the minds of investors about why apparently wise investment strategies might not be as sound as they might think, when more closely analyzed."

Indie Reader Approved- Douglas Cobb
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"The Four Horsemen of the Investor's Apocalypse is a must-read for anyone looking for genuine advice and understanding of factors that threaten your chosen investing decision, and what you can do to survive the associated risks. Robert J. Klosterman CFP speaks from a position of authority on the subject, having gained years of experience as a financial adviser and therefore learned from his own mistakes; mistakes that he wants to help you avoid. The book is in touch with the reality of the current dynamic investment environment."

Five Star Reader's Favorite- Faridah Nassozi
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About Robert Klosterman CFP

Robert Klosterman CFP

Robert Klosterman is the founder of White Oaks Investment Management Inc. and White Oaks Wealth Advisors. He has four decades of experience in financial planning and wealth advisory services, including serving as a past president of the National Institute of Certified Financial Planners.

Klosterman began his career in the financial services industry in the 1970s. He worked as a loan officer before transitioning to the then fledgling field of certified financial planning.

In 2014, White Oaks Wealth Advisors was recognized as one of the top 100 fee-only wealth management firms in the country by CNBC. In addition, Klosterman has been listed as one of the Top 250 Financial Advisors in the United States by Worth Magazine, and as one of the top 150 Financial Advisors by Mutual Fund Magazine, Medical Economics and Bloomberg's Wealth Manager Magazine.

What Experts Are Saying about The Four Horseman of the Investor's Apocalypse

"This is the right book at the right time. As a futurist I am constantly reminded how so much 'intelligent thinking' is based on out of date legacy thinking. In this time of rapid transformation, it is time for investors to let go of old thinking and embrace new, dynamic ways to look at how their money is invested. 'Four Horsemen' does exactly that."

- David Houle author, Entering the Shift Age and Brand Shift

"What is special about Bob's approach and his book is he understands financial expertise isn't all that helpful. What clients need is a reasonable, logical, intellectual approach to taking the emotions out of investing. This book is jam packed with sensible information, ideas and strategies to live a good life free from the worries about 'will I have enough?'"

- Paul Batz, author, What Really Works and founder of Good Leadership Enterprises

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